Following the operation of PLTP Karaha Unit 1 - 30 MW, PLTP Sarulla Unit 3 – 110 MW on 2018, and PLTP Lumut Balai 1 – 55 MW on September 2019 so that the total capacity of geothermal power plant in Indonesia reaches 2,003.5 MW. At present as the country with the largest geothermal potential in the world, Indonesia is second ranks in the utilization of geothermal energy as power (indirect use).

Indonesia now surpass 2 GW this year also, there are 4 more projects that will COD of 2020 that is; PLTP Sorik Marapi Modullar Unit 1 - 20 MW and Unit II - 30 MW; and PLTP Sokoria Unit 1 - 5 MW.

With the operation of those plants, Indonesia's geothermal power plant capacity exceeds 2 GW by the end of 2018 of 14 GW installed capacity of world geothermal power plant, Indonesia contribute around 13% which is produced from 13 fields. Sumatera island produce 531 MW from 3 fields; Sibayak Sinabung, Ulu Belu, Sarulla and Lumut Balai. Java island produce 1224,5 MW from 7 fields; Kamojang, Darajat, Salak, Wayang Windu, Patuha, Dieng and Karaha. Sulawesi island produce 120 MW from 1 field namely Lahendong and Nusa Tenggara islands produce 12,5 MW from 2 fields; Ulumbu and Mataloko.

There is another geothermal field that has been producing the Cibuni Field in West Java, but still categorized as yet COD commercially. In Cibuni field there is a 100 kW geothermal power plant since 2014.

PLTP Sibayak G. Sibayak - G. Sinabung Pertamina Geothermal Energy, PT Semangat Gunung - Doulo Villages, Brastagi, North Sumatra Monoblock, 2 MW 1998 12
Semangat Gunung - Doulo Villages, Brastagi, North Sumatra Unit I, 5 MW 2008