As of April 2018, 342 geothermal areas in indonesia have been recorded any by end of 2017, 123 geothermal areas has been converted become 70 WKPs, so there are still more than 200 geothermal green fields or open area throughout the territory of Indonesia. Detail survey has been done for 40% of total potency. Potential of electricity generation was estimated by the Center for Mineral, Coal and Geothermal Reources of Geological Agency as approximately 28.8 GWe, consist 11,073 MWe resources and 17,435 MWe reserves 

This estimated production capability is updated annually in line with the discovery of new geothermal areas or additional exploration activities. Based on the National Standard Indonesia (SNI) i.e SNI 6009:2017 regarding Classification of Resources and Reserves of Indonesia's geothermal energy, the status of identified sites on April 2018 as below: - 6,617 MWe of Speculative Resources - 4,456 MWe of Hypothetical Resources - 11,975 MWe of Possible Reserves - 2,493 MWe of Probable Reserves - 2,967 MWe of Proven Reserve