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Geothermal Working Area
Indonesia has established 70 Geothermal Working Areas from 342 geothermal areas/locations within Indonesia. There are 123 geothermal locations / geothermal areas in this 70 wkps, a WKP may consist of multiple (2,3,4 ) geothermal areas or only one geothermal area.

The status of 70 WKPs are; 11 WKPs already in production
10 WKPs in construction phase,8 WKPs in exploration drilling and 11 WKPs in
exploration phase (not yet drilling), while 30 WKPs are in preparation for tender and assignment process.

Total capacity of those 70 development WKPs more than 7.5 GW. Base on RUPTL PLN 2018 – 2027, Indonesia plan to add 4583 MW new geothermal plant for the next 10 years.