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Vision Mission

Being a trusted partner of government, companies and professionals in the geothermal energy business, in encouraging and facilitating the development of Indonesia's geothermal potential as an main energy choice in order to support energy security and sustainable national economic growth and ensure the creation of Indonesia as the "Super Power" in the geothermal energy utilization.

  • Encouraging conducive investment climate of geothermal development through close  cooperation and mutual benefit between the government and employers and ensure the creation of government regulations, both national and local that are supportive and aligned.
  • Overseeing road map of government in the development of geothermal energy as a new and renewable energy as the implementation of the national energy mix 25/25 policy (25% in 2025).
  • To encourage the development of human resources and geothermal energy technology development through cooperation with governments, educational institutions, companies and professional organizations, both national and international, towards the independence of Indonesia as a "geothermal center of excellence".
  • To socialize and educate the public about the potential, contributions and positive values, to support the creation of conducive conditions in geothermal development efforts.