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Current Program

»  To give constructive and balanced inputs to the government to create harmonious, conducive and equitable of the policies and regulations.
»  Together with the government, take an active role in efforts to socialize the benefits of geothermal exploitation to minimize environmental and social issues in the regions.
»  Organizing an Annual Scientific Week in conjunction with the International Indonesian Geothermal Convention and Exhibition (IIGCE) to be held annually.
»  Take an active role in supporting the Human Resource Development program by continuing the competency and training programs in cooperation with professional institutions
     both nationally and internationally to improve the capacity of geothermal experts.
»  Expansion and empowerment of the organization by activating and forming new Student Chapters.
»  Engage the media to help create a conductive investment climate by giving more proportion to positive and balanced news.
»  To make API an Information Center by enabling the existence of Website API and API Newsletter.