Indonesia is seriously to become the country with the largest geothermal power plant by 2025 with a target of 7000 MW installed capacity. Indonesia is the most busy geothermal activities in the world with current installed capacity 1948.5 MW & > 4 GW pipeline projects. New regulation on the price of geothermal electricity (the purchase price by single buyers namely PLN), which is generally lower than the previous price, has the effect of reducing or delaying new projects.

Indonesia the busiest geothermal country is reflected from the ongoing construction and drilling activities, there are at least 8 WKPs in the construction phase; Sorik Marapi, Muara Laboh, Sungai Penuh, Hululais, Rantau Dedap, Lumut Balai in Sumatra island, Sokoria in Nusa Tenggara and Tulehu in Maluku islands.

There are also 10 WKP in drilling exploration or drilling preparation activities; Jaboi, Seulawah Agam, Bukit Kuli-G, Talang, Way Ratai, G. Rajabasa in Sumatra island and Kaldera Danau Banten, Cisolok Cisukarame, Tangkuban Perahu, Baturaden, Blawen-Ijen in Java island.

In eastern Indonesia, the government is in final preparation for the implementation of drilling with geothermal fund. Government drilling will be implemented on several WKPs in East Nusa Tenggara and Maluku; Waisano, Oka Ile Ange, Jailolo and Songa Wayua.

Other activities, March 2018, Government offered 4(four) Geothermal Open Areas for Pre Survey & Exploration Assignment(PSPE): Geureudong - Aceh Province with potency 160 MWe; Hu'u Daha - West Nusa Tenggara 65 MWe; Cubadak - Sumatra 66 MWe; and Pentadio - Gorontalo 25 MWe. May 2018, government offer another PSPE for Klabat Wineru area in North Sulawesi Province with potency 20 MWe.

Nangroe Aceh Darussalam Jaboi PT. Sabang Geothermal Energy Exploration Drilling
Seulawah Agam PT. Pertamina Geothermal Energy - PDPA (JOC) Exploration Drilling