Sarulla Operations, Ltd.

In 2006, PLN finally assigned the second lowest bidder (consortium of Medco-Ormat-Itochu) to develop Sarulla project. In April 2013, PLN, PGE and consortium signed the second amendment of ESC/JOC with new tariff agreement. WKP G. Sibual-buali is concession area of Sarulla Project with 440 MW developing plan. Now, Sarulla Operation, Ltd. has been production with a total capacity of 330 MW.

Address  : Head Office; The Energy Building 51st Floor. SCBD Lot 11A, Jl. Jend. Sudirman,
                 Jakarta 12910 – Indonesia. Site Office; Silangkitang, Pahae Jae, Tapanuli Utara,
                 North Sumatra 22465 – Indonesia.
Phone    : +6221 2783 0000
Fax         : +6221 2995 1649
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Supreme Energy, PT

PT Supreme Energy was established in October 2007. In early 2008, PT Supreme Energy was assigned by the Minister of Mineral Resources to conduct four pre-feasibility studies in different areas of Sumatera. All were completed in 2009. In early 2010, the Liki Pinangawan Muaralaboh and Gunung Rajabasa geothermal concessions were awarded to Supreme
Energy. In December 2010, the concession for the Rantau Dedap resource
area was awarded to the same consortium.

At present, Supreme Energy is conducting construction in Liki Pinangawan and the estimated electricity production in 2019. WKP Rantau Dedap is preparing to Construction and WKP Gunung Rajabasa is preparing to Exploration Drilling.


Address :  Menara Sentraya 23rd Floor. Jl. Iskandarsyah Raya Kav. 1A, Kebayoran Baru, Jakarta 12160 - Indonesia

Phone    :  +62-21 2788 2222

Fax       :  +62-21 2788 2333

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Star Energy Geothermal, Ltd

Star Energy is an independent energy company, engages in oil and gas production, and geothermal power generation and heat production. Star Energy acquired a 110 MW Wayang Windu geothermal power facility in November 2004. In March 2009 Wayang Windu Unit 2, with generation capacity from a single turbine/generator, of 117 MW. In 2017, Star Energy acquired Salak and Darajat from Chevron.

Now, Star Energy has been fully managed 3 (three) WKPs which Wayang Windu is JOC with Pertamina. These WKPs namely (1) Pangalengan (Wayang Windu): 227 MW, (2) Salak: 377 MW, (3) Kamojang-Darajat: 270 MW. Star Energy has been production with a total capacity of 874 MW.


Address :  Sentral Senayan I Office Tower 12th Floor. Jl. Asia Afrika Kav. 8, Jakarta 10270 - Indonesia

Phone    :  62-21 5325828 / 62-21 29180800

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