I N A G A - Indonesian Geothermal Association (Asosiasi Panasbumi Indonesia - API) was establish in September 25th, 1991 in Jakarta. INAGA is a nonprofit organization, which function as a forum of communication, coordination and consultation in order to improve its capabilities, understanding, cooperation and responsibility of the role of geothermal energy development in Indonesia and member of IGA (International Geothermal Association).

I N A G A – A P I is a professional organization that represents the geothermal sector and is a forum for professionals, developers and implementers of the geothermal sector, non-political and has no political affiliation. Commit to being strong nationally and globally through enhancing the organization's reputation as a partner of choice in establishing sustainable relationships with key partners.



Ø  INAGA actively get involved in drafting Academic Paper for the several geothermal regulations and reviewing the draft of regulations before the draft become the regulation;

Ø  Continuously seeking solutions for issues related to geothermal development in Indonesia as inputs to the government;

Ø  Advocating and facilitating resolution for geothermal development; and

Ø  Provide seminars, luncheon talk, panel discussion, convention & exhibition in supporting geothermal development.


Ø  To drive a close cooperation with the government, PLN and the developers as well as financial institution on the obstacles that may occur in order to make the program on the geothermal development acceleration become success.

Ø  To drive in creating the support from all levels of the government and the related community through education to the institutions, the government departments, and the community in order to increase the knowledge on the positive values and geothermal contribution in supporting the national energy needs as well as to produce clean energy.

Ø  To drive the Human Resources Development and the geothermal technology through a cooperation with the government, the education institutions, and the geothermal developers, in order to create and to implement the education and the trainings including the implementation of the Annual Scientific Gathering/Indonesia International Convention and Exhibition, Seminars, Workshop, Luncheon Talks in the geothermal sector as well as to strengthen the international cooperation in the geothermal science.

Ø  To accelerate the implementation on the system of Competency certification or the Expertness of the geothermal professionals in order to produce the standardization of expertise.

Ø  To drive and to assist the government in completing the regulations in the geothermal sector, particularly the issues related with the working area tendering, electricity tariff, fiscal policy, utilization of the forest area as well as to identify and to give inputs if there is any overlapping in the central and local governments in order to accelerate the geothermal development.

Ø  To assist the government in promoting the geothermal potency in Indonesia to the domestic and international investors.

Ø  To drive the growth of the geothermal vendors as well as to utilize the Local product in order to grab the active role in the process of the geothermal development.

Ø  To establish and to strengthen the working relationship with the profession organization either in the domestic level as well as in the international.

Ø  To drive in creating the good governance in managing the organization in order to achieve the organization independence.


Being a trusted partner of government, companies and professionals in the geothermal energy business, in encouraging and facilitating the development of Indonesia's geothermal potential as main energy choice in order to support energy security and sustainable national economic growth and ensure the creation of Indonesia as the "Super Power" in the geothermal energy utilization.



Ø  Encouraging conducive investment climate of geothermal development through close cooperation and mutual benefit between the government and employers and ensure the creation of government regulations, both national and local that are supportive and aligned.

Ø  Overseeing road map of government in the development of geothermal energy as a new and renewable energy as the implementation of the national energy mix 25/25 policy (25% in 2025).

Ø  To encourage the development of human resources and geothermal energy technology development through cooperation with governments, educational institutions, companies and professional organizations, both national and international, towards the independence of Indonesia as a "geothermal centre of excellence".

Ø  To socialize and educate the public about the potential, contributions and positive values, to support the creation of conducive conditions in geothermal development efforts.

The Indonesian Geothermal Association (INAGA-API) is a professional organization representing the Geothermal sector and is a venue for Geothermal industry professionals and developers who are non-political, non-profit and have no political affiliation. INAGA-API doesn’t provide any other Renewable Energy Association in Indonesia. API stand-alone but API will cooperate and coordinate with other Renewable Energy Associations to advance Renewable Energy in Indonesia, especially Geothermal. We would like to express our gratitude to the Government, in this case the Ministry of EMR, for their outstanding support for Geothermal development and API remains committed to being a trusted partner of the Government in supporting the development of Geothermal in Indonesia.

During this new stewardship period, our focus is on supporting the Government to maximize Geothermal's contribution to the “energy mix” in 2025 as part of energy independence and national energy security as set out in Government Regulation 79/2014 on National Energy Policy. Geothermal contribution targeted in the “energy mix” in 2025 is approximately 7,200 MW where currently only about 2,003.5 MW has been and will soon be COD. Disadvantages of about 5.390 MW, may not be overtaken in the remaining 7 years. So now the Government plans to revising the target to around 3,000 MW in 2025 and to 3,580 MW by 2027. The INAGA will continue to oversee this new target in order to be achieved and will not need to be revised in order to maximize Geothermal's contribution to the “energy mix” in 2025.

Deregulation of geothermal occurred in 2003 with the enactment of new Geothermal Laws legislation, namely Geothermal Law No. 27/2003, which was subsequently followed by Government Regulation No. 59/2007. This deregulation allows the IPP to have its own Geothermal Working Area without having to conduct joint operation with Pertamina. INAGA then works with the Government to formulate supporting regulations that support the investment wheel of Geothermal rolling again. INAGA and the Government agree that to attract investment in geothermal, attractive tariffs are required that match the risks adopted by the Developer. The evolution of geothermal tariffs began with the issuance of tariff regulation based on BPP, HPS and finally issued Government Regulation of tariffs with ceiling 9.7 cents followed by Government Regulation of Assignment to PLN and other supporting Government Regulations. The peak is in 2014, the issuance of Government Regulation of Ceiling Tariff with the Avoided Cost methodology and the issuance of the new Geothermal Law and the issuance of Government Regulation of Sliding Scale Tariff that increasingly makes the geothermal industry to be very sexy. However, the change of leadership in the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources, which emphasizes the principle of affordability to the people, has made the wheel of Geothermal industry movement was cool down again.



President of INAGA


Ø   To give constructive and balanced inputs to the government to create harmonious, conducive and equitable of the policies and regulations.

Ø   Together with the government, take an active role in efforts to socialize the benefits of geothermal exploitation to minimize environmental and social issues in the regions.

Ø   Organizing an Annual Scientific Week in conjunction with the International Indonesian Geothermal Convention and Exhibition (IIGCE) to be held annually.

Ø  Take an active role in supporting the Human Resource Development program by continuing the competency and training programs in cooperation with professional institutions both nationally and internationally to improve the capacity of geothermal experts.

Ø   Expansion and empowerment of the organization by activating and forming new Student Chapters.

Ø   Engage the media to help create a conductive investment climate by giving more proportion to positive and balanced news.

Ø   To make API an Information Center by enabling the existence of Website API and API Newsletter.

Vincent T. Radja (alm)
Puguh Sugiharto
Herman D. Ibrahim
Alimin Ginting
Abadi Poernomo
Prijandaru Effendi